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Sarawak - la force de vente

Today’s demanding customers need flexibility and expertise to strengthen their sales activities. Sarawak la force de vente satisfies them by leveraging a pragmatic and realistic approach nourished by our on-the-ground, hands-on experience. This allows us to adapt to any type of project and any type of setting, whether it be a small shop or large department store, retail or B2B.

Our performance is driven by a meticulous process of recruiting, training and developing talent, and applying proven work methods. We collaborate closely with you to define clear objectives, follow up with precise execution, and provide you with quantifiable feedback via personalized reporting. By sharing these values with our 200 permanent employees, as well as our clients for 15 years and counting, Sarawak has been able to stand out and build success.

Sarawak - la promotion

In the world of sales promotion, Sarawak has earned outstanding loyalty from its clients, largely thanks to our competitive service scores and low incident rates. And much of this success is due to our highly experienced and motivated teams, who apply rigorous work methods and display a genuine desire to listen. It’s also thanks to our attentive talent management, which is able to attract and maintain top-tier professionals by instilling confidence and bringing out the best in each of them.

Sarawak can support you through every phase of your campaign by supplying you with professionals that match every mission. This includes indoor and outdoor POS reps, hostesses and sales assistants, and it covers everything from consulting projects and technical demonstrations to tastings, roadshows and much more.
Whatever your need, our reactivity allows us to offer you innovative, personalized, high-impact solutions at any moment.

Sarawak - la communication

Sarawak la communication is a communication agency with an original approach. Borne from the IT sector and particularly geared to companies with indirect distribution channels, we’ve built our expertise on our ability to understand complex offers, to take into account exceptional business challenges, and on the indispensable need to know the field first-hand. Our naturally bottom-up approach to communication allows us to respond effectively to not only operational challenges but also to more ambitious projects, including brand positioning and communication strategy.

The engine to our success has been our dynamic team of 25 employees with complementary profiles, as well as our robust network of skilled experts. Our experience, pragmatism and reactivity ensure that each of our clients receives the most pertinent solutions to their needs.

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